Saturday, January 5, 2008

Adelboden GS

Today was a great day for the Swiss with Marc Berthod winning and Daniel Albrecht coming in second, the cow bells were ringing big time from the 23000 fans that were watching, America's Ted Ligety wins the prize for most dramatic fall, although I have yet to see it! That's the problem with being on the hill you get to see about 100mtrs of a race and that's it. Bode ski'd out shortly after passing me. I think I am a jinx, as thats what happened in Bad Kleinkirchheim also... If you are reading Bode pay me a fortune to stand at the finish line!!!!!! that should do it! I know have a bugger of a problem as my car broke down and cant be repaired til Monday, so looks like an extra night here for me (lucky though the insurance company will pay) I have added some photos on my facebook site and my skispace site, as well as for you to look at, and will add more later once I have sorted out the car and hotels etc Mitch

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