Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Arived in Wengen at last

I have finally had my car fixed, nearly cried when I got the bill CHF 1100...!! So it is beans on toast and camping in a tent for the rest of the tour!!I am now in Wengen doing the boring stuff like accreditation and listening to fat lazy journos telling tales about their lives!! I will be up on the hill tomorrow to shoot the training runs, not sure if I will go for arty shots or action shots yet, one of the photographers has shown me his work from today, and lovely shots with the Jungfrau in the background, so I may have to replicate that for you guys if you want that!! let me know.To get to Wengen itself you have to park your car at the bottom of the mountain and get a train up! there are some fantastic views and if you ever get the chance to come here then do so it is gorgeous.
Catch you later

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