Friday, January 18, 2008

Kitzbuhel Super G

Today's Super G was great for us over 30's. With the top 3 places all taken by the senior statesmen of the Alpine Ski World. Marco Buechel 1st Herman Maier 2nd and Didier Cuche 3rd. It just goes to show you do not have to be young an fearless to be the best!! I had a fairly good position at first, but the usual over zelous piste staff moved me, then allowed some of the coaches to stand where I had been!! as the Americans say "Go Figure"!!
Tomorrow is the big day here, and the whole place is buzzing after Maiers performance, the ever optimistic Austrians were singing tomorrow he will be better!! I can see it being a nice challenge between Didier Cuche and Bode Miller, watch out for the Canadians though Robbie Dixon had a fantastic run starting at 43 and finishing 6th he has got a lot of tongues wagging in the press office with that performance.

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