Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ofterschwang Ladies Slalom

I have just got home in St Anton after shooting todays slalom race in Ofterschwang Bavaria. The weather was not as nice as yesterday so I really had to work my camera to get the best pictures in the bad light. I managed to secure a great position again for both runs, so hopefully you guys and gals like todays pictures.The race was won by Austria's Marlies Schild, who has the nice habit of winning slalom races these days! 2nd was Therese Borssen of Sweden with Nicole Hosp of Austria coming in 3rd. GB has no female representatives in the womens slalom this year, Non of the American racers made it down as far as me on the course, both Julia Mancuso and Lindsey Vonn going if in a similar spot. I took a picture of Lindsey sitting in the fence, and it looks like she is crying, not through pain but through frustration at not completing a course. I guess it's things like that which define a natural born champion. I wanted to run up give her a big hug and say all will be ok.. But I am not sure she would have appreciated a sweaty, out of breath bald headed snapper, coming at her like that! besides by then the next skier was on course! I have a couple of days off now to catch up on editing and stuff before I head of to the Swiss resort of St Moritz.Oh yet again Bode kicks serious butt when I am not there to shoot it!! It is either a conspiracy, or he should pay me to stay away as I am bad luck!!

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