Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Garmisch - London

The Garmisch weekend was a challenging one, for both the skiers and the photographers, as I approached the course I thought wow this will be a good place to shoot, you can see the whole course virtually from the finish area, and so for once I might get to see more than 100mtrs of a race!!
However once up the hill it did not look so good from a photographers point of view, as you can probably tell I tend to like having a blue sky background on my shots and found a position that I thought would be perfect, I asked one of the locals who was working on the course, where the sun would be later in the day, obviously my German being a little bit pants got the question wrong and I thought he said that it would be ok!! 3 hours later as the race is about to start, up pops the sun and ruins my shot so I had to readjust, thus my pictures are not the greatest from this event!!
The race went well Reinfried Herbst zooming down the quickest on both runs to win, with the eternal bridesmaid Manfred Moelg coming in 2nd, he really will win soon!! Ivica Kostellic taking the 3rd spot. I had to shoot the prize giving in town later that night to help out a colleague, and it was my first timefor getting splattered with Champagne, my bald head was covered in the stuff,and I really hoped a gorgeous German girl would come and lick it all off, like a giant lollypop but alas that did not happen. My next race is probably not until Arber /Zwiesel at the end of the month, as I had to go back to the UK to pack up my house for a permanent move to Austria, I also needed to upgrade some of my equipment, and get stuff in for repair. But I now have a stonking huge lens the canon 400mm F2.8 it weights about 14 kg but is the best lens for sports.
One good thing about being back in the UK and away from the snow is I could take my motorbike out for a good ride, and was throwing it around the streets of London the way I did 100 years ago when I worked as a motorcycle courier!!
This weekend I am hoping to shoot a premiership rugby match, and also an ice hockey match, but I would rather head back to Austria and ski! If only my car repairs would be finished in time!!


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