Monday, February 18, 2008

Moving to Austria

I am still home in the UK packing up my old place for the permanent move to Austria, the amout of toot (rubbish) you can collect in 40 years is amazing, and I am having to be ruthless in my selection of what to take, as my new apartment is very small.
Saturday I took a day off from sorting out my stuff and went to shoot the international indoor athletics meeting that was held in Birmingham, this was my first ever indoor athletics shoot, and the lack of good lighting caused me a few problems, I have added some of the photos on my facebook site so if you get bored have a look!! I needed to add some other sports to my portfolio,so I can try and get a summer job with an agency.
All being well I should be back in Austria for the weekend, so I can have a few days skiing in St Anton, the next WC race is not until the end of the month and that is the ladies event in Arber. I may have to look at shooting some freestyle stuff whilst in St Anton, or even some of those cool off piste shots which first attracted me to skiing photography.


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