Monday, February 4, 2008

St Moritz Ladies World Cup Events

I am back home in Austria now having spent the past few days in St Moritz, the playground of the rich and plastic faced people!! I have dubbed it the Collagen capital of the world!The weather for the week has been so varied, Thursday was a gorgeous sunny day, and I was trying to shoot a nice panaramic shot of the racers with a mountain in the background, some worked some didnt, but its just training!! Friday was thick fog! I ski'd the course twice and both times I could hardly see the tips of my ski's, which earned me the nickname amongst some of my colleagues as the crazy English fog rider (cant remember the german name they gave me but that was the translation). I was very suprised and could not understand why they made the girls do a course inspection in Zero visability! Good sense prevailed and they cancelled the training.Saturdays Downhill race was a suprise in many ways, firstly that it started on time! We had heavy snow in the morning but the guys who read the weather forcast got it spot on and all was ok come 12.30. My position for shooting was not the best, as I got moved by the course controller and ended up further away from the action than I like! The race was won by a very late runner Tina Maze from Slovenia starting at 47 by then the weather had completely changed to sunny and windy conditions, even I got cold and had stopped shooting at no 41. Only 1 photographer shot the late numbers and there was a frantic mass of photographers in the press centre all asking him for a copy of the picture! Sunday was the turn of the Super G and with a lovely sunny day being forcast I was looking forward to a good shoot. I was first on the hill again and shot some of the girls doing a course inspection, then staked my claim for what turned out to be the best spot on the course again. The idea was for a nice blue background and a profile of the skier about to turn, I also wanted some shots with the St Moritz gates by the skier. I was very happy with the results of my shoot, and had been given some great advice from one of the experienced pros which can only help me improve. The race was won by Canada's Emily Brydon with the Austrian pair of Elizabeth Goergl and Renate Goetschl coming in 2nd and 3rd. Lindsey Vonn came in 4th and is slowly creeping up on Nicole Hosp for the overall title. Next stop is Garmisch next weekend and the mens slalom, such a shame they are not having a speed event there as I have been told it is a great course to shoot. Check out my galleries for the latest pictures, and coming very soon I will be having an online shop at where you can buy pictures of your favourite skiers.

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