Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soelden World Cup Races

So the first races of the season are now over, with Zettel winning the ladies race and Chemmy Alcott getting a great result of 10th, and Daniel Albrecht winning the guys, GB had no guys competing but hopefully one day, one of the new batch of talented skiers we have will make it on to the circuit to compete, photography wise Soelden is a nice course to shoot, if the gates are set in the right spot!! With the time change a few guys were caught out on Sunday with the sun being behind the skier, we call this backlight and it makes the sky look white instead of blue! I managed to get a shot of Ted Ligety that I am very proud of as he nearly lost it at the top of the steep in run, but somehow he regained it and still managed to finish top 3. It was a really busy week for me as I had a young Austrian student along with me who is studying media studies and wants to be a photographer one day. She could not work on the slopes, but shot the finish area and number draws press conferences etc. It was nice having someone else working with me as it meant I could try something I would not normally get a chance to do, like shoot the start gate for the women's race. I am heading back to the UK soon to find out if my season is over, really not sure if I can follow the whole tour without my campervan as hotels fuel etc all adds up, and the ski photo market in the UK is not that great. Even with Chemmy coming 10th some papers did not even mention it.
My pictures from the races can be viewed here. http://sportsphotographer.spitfirephoto.com/albums.php?albumId=67967

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