Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well yet again I am slow at updating my blog sorry, but I really hate all this stuff but so many guys tell me I should do it as it not only helps promote my website and business but some of you guys actually are interested in what a photographer does...

Since my last blog I have only done a few shoots, firstly I covered the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Battersea Power Station, Battersea London, this was fun as I had never shot anything like it before. The X-Fighter series is a freestyle Motocross event, where the best riders in the world compete against each other doing stunts on their motorbikes in mid air...

The event took place on Saturday 22nd August 2009, with 2 days practice beforehand. After collecting accreditations etc on the Thursday we were told that due to high winds the training sessions were canceled, so no shooting for me. On the Friday I got there early as I wanted to work out angles and get some decent stock shots. My main camera a Canon 1d MK3 developed a fault, which meant that it could not read or write to compact flash memory cards, luckily the MK3 also uses a SD (Secure Digital) memory card so I was still able to use the camera. I arranged with Canon Professional Services to get my camera in for repair as I would be heading straight up to Scotland for a week of shooting golf, as the camera could not be repaired quickly Canon provided me with a brand new MK3 to use, which was nice of them ;-) anyway back to the Red Bull X Fighters. I spent the day shooting their training runs which meant for the event I would know roughly where I wanted to stand for each shot I had planned.

Friday night was qualifying night, which meant for us photographers we could work out where the best light would be as the event was billed to have an amazing light show... well lucky for me that the Canon 1d Mk3 can handle shooting at high ISO's as the light was not as good as we hoped!! I was shooting on manual mode ISO 3200 on an apperture of f2.8 to get a shutter speed of 320th of a second. Normally for sports I like to shoot at least 1000th of a second to freeze the picture and not get a blurred mess.

I also shoot in RAW not JPEG which allows me to reduce some of the digital noise that you get shooting high ISO's digital noise is like little flecks of a different colour that you see when you blow an image up to it's full size.

For Saturday's shoot I had arranged with one of the riders that I attach a camera to his handlebars for some on bike action shots similar to the ones shot by a colleague of mine in the US Mark Rebilas check out his other work he is a VERY talented photographer.

I was advised by the orgainsers that it would not be possible to put a camera on the riders bike for Health and Safety reasons!!! my answer was he's going to be hanging underneath a motorbike in mid air, how is that not dangerous.. Oh well lesson learned do it and ask later is my new motto ;-) The actual event shoot was a bit of a let down the general public were allowed into where the photographers were meant to be so none of the action shots I had lined up was possible, if you can imagine trying to fight your way through a tight packed crowd of 1000s of people carryng 3 cameras plus a backpack because it was not wise to leave anything in the press room!! I gave up after a while as I didnt wat to get my gear damaged, and went and sought new locations. here are a some of the images I took at this event.

Red Bull X Fighters London. - Images by .

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