Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GAP World Alpine Champs race day

Day 1 of the races is now done and dusted. This race piste is going down as the iciest I have ever had to ski, in the end I had to take my skis off and walk down parts of the course with crampons, safer for me, and everyone else on the course as I didnt fancy becoming a human missile, and I was not the only one that struggled. I had skied the piste a few days ago and it seemed fine, but that was without an large backpack with about 30kgs of expensive camera gear, especially seeing as I have already destroyed a camera and lens this week (fell out of a locker)
It's really hard shooting speed races and having to try and get a different shot from the main agencies so I can try and sell some, it gets even harder when they come down and stand next to you at the last minute!!
For today I tried 2 shots one was a traverse

And the 2nd was a more general Super G type shot with a gate in either the foreground or background.

Not really happy with either pictures, but hey tomorrow is another day... For those of you that like to know the technical side of it I was using a Canon 1d mk4 with a 400mm f2.8 lens and a 1x4 converter.
Tomorrow we have 2 races to cover, a men's super G and a ladies downhill training, so I shall be editing and sending from the piste in between runs, which is always interesting!!!

You can see the races on Eurosport (UK) and ORF (Austria) ZDF Germany and Universal in the US

Catch you soon


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buttybach said...

Very nice galleries Mitch.Now please give me your comment on my shots from Crystal Palace last weekend. www.jaypics.co.uk

Meet up again some time maybe. ATB Jeff Thomas