Friday, December 21, 2012

A no picture blog.

So just a quick blog, no images as I thought I would try something different, today's blog is about being on a tour, this would apply to any sport where you are away for some time. Obviously the first thing you miss are your loved ones, but when you are away you do start missing other things, bacon sandwiches, proper green asparagus! (the white stuff over here is pants) are amongst the first things I have when I get back. You also miss things like a washing machine, travelling from hotel to hotel means limited time for laundrette runs, and sometimes finding a laundrette is like finding rocking horse pooh!! so most evenings are spent with the glamorous task of washing stinky gear by hand in a sink, and drying it on radiators. With all the travelling we do sometimes we arrive too late to check in, or if its a long drive then quite often you pull into a service station and have a nap, most motorway service stations have showers in them primarily for the truckers, and some of these are pretty darn grim, but a shower refreshes you for the remainder of your journey. Internet connections can be a nightmare, most places in Austria like to bleed every last penny out of tourists and charge for it, yet in Italy even a cheap @21 a night bed and breakfast gives me a free fast internet connection. People think that because we are in ski resorts it's all apres ski parties and fun, but for the majority of the real press and also the racers it's our job so most nights are spent in hotel rooms preparing for the next day, TV and Radio guys have to study and make notes, journalists have to do something I am sure ;-) photographers have to prepare all the background data for the images, study race lists and make a general plan of what they will do. With skiing being a mountain sport and the weather is always changing you have to prepare for all eventualities, failing to take up waterproof covers means you could kill you camera gear.
One of the items I carry around with me is a kettle, now this may sound daft, but when you are up a mountain for hours its nice to have a flask of coffee or tea, or soup. It's little things that help make the day seem so much nicer.

I will be back to bogging properly after the skier cross race.

So ta ta for now.

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