Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shooting Ashes Cricket

For the past few weeks I have been fulfilling a lifetime dream and photographing an Ashes cricket series between England and Australia.

I am very lucky in my new chosen profession that I get to attend top sports events that I want to cover, being in a position to choose what I cover means I am not stuck being a one trick pony, ski racing to me is the best sport to photograph, I love being on the alpine ski racing tour, and if only we could have 12 months of snow and racing I would be very happy, but alas in the summer I have to try and scratch a living covering other stuff. I have always been a big fan of cricket, and could happily lay on the couch all day with a beer or two and watch it on the goggle box, so when the oppertunity arrived for me to cover "The Ashes" series I jumped at the chance. For my non British fans the Ashes is a 5 match series of games between England and Australia, each game lasting up to 5 days.

Below are a random selection of images to have a butchers at...

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