Friday, November 9, 2007

My first BLOG

Ohh I feel so Chav, I now have a blog and a facebook, whatever next?

Well for those of you that know me, you will probably have guessed by now that as my sister call it "I am having a mid-life crisis" I prefer the term "Chasing a dream"
I decided to quit my mundane life of being head guard dog for a certain Embassy in London and try out life as a pro sports photographer.... Alas not being a big footie fan I decided to follow winter sports, something you know I love. Besides the logic was if it didnt work at least I would enjoy myself.

The whole process of qualifying for a press pass, getting accreditation, (official permission to photograph basically) was not easy, and as you know I HATE paperwork, but I have put my heart into this decision and having gained a season long acrreditation with the Skiing federation, I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. As I write this I am about to start my 2nd Alpine World Cup event. I have added some photo's to my website, but please remember these have been down-scaled (my new word) for web viewing.
Oh and just to make you lot laugh, I managed to faceplant (fall over face first into the snow) with the entire German Austrian Bulgarian and Italian womens ski team watching and cheering, not a bad way of getting myt face (or bald head known)

Well I am off for some free beer and nice food before I crash out for the night in my little campervan.


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Seamus said...

Surely some mistake - posting your age as '39' in your profile?

I suppose a couple of years here or there don't make much difference, but you'll have to face up to having reached (sorry, nearly reaching) the big four-o sooner or later, mate!