Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am bad at blogging

Ok first of I am sorry to all you guys that like to read about my adventures, I really am not good at this blogging lark. I will try harder next time.. hmm sounds like my old shool reports.

Since my last entry I have covered a few European Tour golf tournaments around Europe, The Fina World Aquatics Championships in Rome, Golden League Athletics in Berlin,I have been mainly working with a company called US-Presswire a USA based sports photography agency, and through them I have had quite a few images in newspapers like USA Today, Boston Globe, LA Times, as well as on major sports websites like CNN and ESPN. I am quite proud of this achievement it's always nice when you find out that people actually do use your images.

My next event starts tomorrow, which is the Red Bull X-Fighters in Battersea London, where the worlds best freestyle Moto x riders will be competing, I am looking forward to this as I dont actually do much work in my home town, plus I am sure the stunts and images will be quite cool. I will try and remember to do this blog again after the event and add pictures.

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